Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts about Web Creativity

Have you ever given much thought about what goes into web designing? I think most of us take for granted when we enter the world wide web of the design aspects of the sites we like to visit.

According to our lesson last week, there are three dimension to the Cen and Wells’ Attitude Toward the Site scale: Entertainment: is it fun, exciting, imaginative? Informativeness: Is it intelligent, knowledgeable, resourceful, helpful and/useful? And Organization: Is it clean and efficient and not cumbersome, confusing or irritating? (Ramos, 2008).

Another aspect to look at is interactivity. Interactivity allows companies more opportunities build and create solid brand reputation and recognition for the consumer. According to lesson, interactivity can be effective and have a positive effect with consumer satisfaction (Ramos, 2008).

Our professor notes that site visitors can form a first impression of a site in less than one second and this will have an effect as to whether or not they will return and can have an effect on the business (Ramos, 2008). I know over the holiday season I have run across some sites that have made my eyes roll. But then again, I am not their target market.

So, when designers are spinning their magic in creating web sites, they know there is so much more that must be taken into account and it all should be woven into one nice package that will bring the customer back for more.


Ramos, J. (2008). Lesson 8: Creative Considerations in Emerging Media. Retrieved on December 20, 2008, from

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