Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Web Designs Can Make for a Success Relationship

This week in our 619 class we are looking at web design elements that make for a successful site. I have to go on the fact that simplicity says a lot about a design. A complicated site can break a relationship with a customer and will never give a relationship to form with a prospective customer.

Our lesson gives the Chen and Well Attitude Toward the Site scales for evaluating corporate websites. The scale has three dimensions that should be considered for a well-designed site: Entertaining, Informational and Organized.

After doing some online Christmas shopping this week, I have come across some sites that are just way too much. While shopping for two teenagers, one boy and one girl, I have visited the sites of the stores they like – American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale, etc. All of these divide their products between girls and boys, but then they offer their specials, web exclusives and more and can be too much.

While I do not fall into their target market, all of these sites could be made a bit more organized so everyone can see what they have to offer without being hit with everything all at once.

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