Friday, October 31, 2008

New Media and the Presidential Race

With the General Election only four days away, I thought it would be interesting think about how this year's Presidential campaign has changed from year's past.

I remember back in August before Democratic nominee Barack Obamma selected his vice presidential running mate that supposed leaks were text messaged to his list announcing his selection. The announcement came before going public, but it turned out it wasn't true. Once the selection was made, that is how he made it then with the public announcement.

Who would have thought just four short years ago that Presidential candidates could and would use such a new media to get the word out!

Along the same lines, I viewed something today that I thought was pretty humorous. It was the late night talk show circuit discussing the candidates' use of product placement. Here is the link - - It's pretty funny. Also, notice that we must view an ad before being able to watch the video.


k said...

Hi Jennifer,

While everyone in the country may not be happy with the final election outcome, it is nice to see the pres elect embracing technology to do a weekly YouTube broadcast.

Jennifer said...

I think it shows that with the signs of the times, leaders, presidential, state and/or local, cannot afford not to use technology to stay in touch with the people.