Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No time for Popcorn with Short Films

So, after watching my first short film commercial, I am still not really sure what to think about them. I mean I found it entertaining, but still I am having thoughts on the use of them. The one I watched was titled, Last Night. It was a Ritz Carlton/American Express short film and told of a groom on the night before his wedding. You can view it here:

Ritz Carlton is targeting a younger audience with the disposable income to stay with the hotel chain. There was only one time when a brand name was shown and was for American Express. Unless you had seen the Ritz Carlton website or the title of the short film on YouTube, you would not have known that it was the Ritz Carlton hotel.

So, my question is, where do these fit in the IMC mix? I mean, paying for a 10 minute commercial would quite expensive. Through some virile marketing where people go out in search of the short film would then prove to be a marketing success. With this campaign, it was one of three that Ritz Carlton produced. Emails were probably sent to loyalty club member s and since it was in partnership with American Express, cardholders probably heard about them also.

I think these are innovative ways to market their services and products but I believe they need to market these films to spread the word about them.

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