Monday, November 24, 2008

Short Films Show Cinematic Sides of Business

This week in IMC 619, we are discussing short films as a form of new media. I have to admit that that I hadn’t heard much of this subject, but I found it intriguing.

It’s amazing how the Internet has played such an integral role in new media. But then again, the Internet is a new medium with what seems to have limitless possibilities.

With short films, there are six elements to a successful campaign – hero, wants, action, conflict, climax and resolution (Ramos, 2008). Short films also must have a distinct focus, have a sense of freshness, simplicity, show conflict, and appear to be a film.

In 2001, BMW broke out in the short film business with an Internet-based short film titled, The Hire. With more than 100 million views it was and still is considered one of the most original and creative ideas. With its success, judges at the Cannes Film Festival created a new award for innovative advertising, the Titanium Lion (Ramos, 2008). To view the BMW short film, The Hire, click here:

It seems just when we have seen and heard it all, here comes another form of advertising. It will be interesting to see what new form of advertising will be the latest and greatest in ten years.

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