Thursday, November 13, 2008

Youths and their contribution to our economy

Many in the professional world believe that internet advertising targets children too much while others say that targeting children via the web is today's version of Saturday morning advertising. Some critics want restrictions placed on marketers when marketing food and beverages, believing online marketing is contributing to today's childhood obesity epidemic.

Classmates of mine all had to visit different websites that targeted children, such as Barbie, Ringling Brothers, Disney and more. Opinions crossed the spectrum for different sites but one this is for sure, marketers are targeting children and in a big way.

The buying power of today’s youth is stronger than ever. According to a report by Harris Interactive, kids have tremendous buying power and that 15 percent of their spending is done online (iMedia Connection, 2007). With youths spending this amount online, advertisers need to go where they are.

With more and more kids going online, this new medium has a great influence on their buying behavior. In an article printed in the New York Post, it states that 50 percent of teens said their electronics purchases were influenced by Internet advertising, compared with about 42 percent for broadcast and cable TV (NY, 2008). With a majority of their buying is done online, To me, this tells me one thing - the internet is a powerful tool for marketers.

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